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Bike Accessories

When considering your next trip to the mountains or just around the wild in general, it is important to make sure that your have the proper gear and the right bike accessories to be sure that you’re prepared. Most avid bikers will thoroughly recommend at least a backpack for the rigorous biking. You should carry with you at least one tire changing kit as well as a tire pump with the proper attachment on the end, and possibly a spare needle since they are lightweight. You should carry a multi-piece wrench and screw set that fits the bike you own. Also you need to carry enough sustenance and bug or sunscreen depending on the conditions of your ride. A first aid kit is always critical and a map has never hurt anyone, even on popular trails. All of these aids can be purchased from a local bike shop.

Other bike accessories are attached directly to the bike. One of the most common is the biking variant of the saddle bag. These can be attached in a variety of location, such as behind the seat or on top of the rear tire if you’re riding on a hardtail setup. There are other accessories for night riding such as flashers for the rear and front of the bike and forward headlamps that can be mounted on the bike or on a helmet. Additionally, you can get a speed tracking device which is a fun factoid production machine for the little kids and great for exciting downhill descents.


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