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Bike Parts

One of the most necessary functions of the bike is that is must be able to perform at its best for the conditions that it was invented. A good set of bike parts are essential to this functioning. The parts can refer to any of the gears, spokes, tires, handlebars, seat, or any of the nuts, bolts, or just the whole frame as each of these is a portion of the bike. Instead of purchasing an entirely new ride, many common bike problems can be fixed much less expensively with the use of mountain bike parts.

The most commonly used bike tools are the hex screw set. Many bikes are made with hex screws so that the assembly points are recessed and do not create arbitrary air drag. The hex nut system also creates bike parts that can be assembled or disassembled in any direction providing supreme functionality. At the end of the day a good set of tools, followed by a quality bike will last you a long time. To complement that get a simple bike repair for dummies or another colloquial how-to book so that you will know how to put the tools to work for you and your bike.


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